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Restaurant and Food Service Manager at Boston Pizza in Whitehorse

Posted on Sep 03, 2014 in Restaurant & Hospitality

Hourly Wage/Annual Salary

$15 to 20/hr

Hours per Week

Full-time (35-40 hours)



About this Job

NOC 0631, Restaurant and Food Service Manager. The starting wage for this job is $17.50 per hour. The applicant must be able to speak, read and write in English and they must have five or more years experience supervising employees in a restaurant or food service setting. They need to be competent with computers and POS equipment and be able to coordinate technical support when necessary. They must be able to convey competence and professionalism. Their responsibilities include supervising the hosts, bartenders and servers in the dining area, ensuring the staff are performing their duties to our standards and following our set procedures. They must ensure the smooth flow of the dining area and that customers are seated promptly and in order, take out and delivery orders are processed properly, the food is plated and delivered to the customers correctly, cleaning duties are performed by all staff and they need to deal with customer issues and complaints promptly and effectively. On evening shifts they are responsible for closing the restaurant. They must be available to work shifts on days, evenings and weekends.

This job was posted on Sep 03, 2014 and will be removed on Oct 03, 2014

All applications must be received before Nov 03, 2014

Boston Pizza

Please Contact: Gordon Clark


Address: 2241 2nd Ave. Whitehorse

To apply for this Job

Please fax resume to 867-667-4995, or send by mail.