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Yard Customer Service at Cubbon Building Centre Ltd (Home Hardware) in Whitehorse

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 in Sales & Retail

Hourly Wage/Annual Salary

$11.07 to 15/hr

Hours per Week

To be determined



About this Job


Yard personnel maintain the lumberyard. Their primary responsibility is to provide outstanding Customer Service to our customers. In addition, they load and unload materials, store them in the proper locations. This is accomplished by using a variety of equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, lumber carts, etc.


 Load and unload materials.

 Take all necessary safety precautions when handling freight, tools, and equipment.

 Store material in correct locations in the yard.

 Identify and assist customers with advice, information, and/or help in gathering and loading orders.

 Keep the yard clean and the inventory neat and orderly.

 Be familiar with the locations(s) of all inventory and equipment.

 Be familiar with the safe operation and maintenance of equipment, including forklift, lumber cart, pallet jack, banding machine, etc.

 Assist customers in handling large or heavy items.

 Resolve customer complaints.

 Be aware of theft and take action, in line with company policy, to report or discourage it.

 Process special orders for non-stock items.

 Restock lumber bins, sheds, etc. when they are depleted.

 Deliver purchases and/or pick up returned goods.

 Receive incoming merchandise.

 Check incoming merchandise against orders or invoices, identify damaged goods, shortages, and backorders.

 Report any shortages, damaged goods, and backorders to your supervisor.

 Work in a safe manner in accordance to provincial and federal safety legislation, as well as use of good common sense. Report any potential hazards and unsafe behavior to management in order to have the situation corrected.


 Must be able to communicate effectively with customers, management, and employees.

 Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends, evenings and holidays.

 Must be alert to all yard activities to help customers, use equipment properly, help in loss control and yard safety and security measures, etc.

 Must read and comprehend written and printed materials, as well as information presented in numerical form.

 Must safely operate yard equipment and tools, including forklift, pallet jack, lumber cart, banding machine, radial arm saw, etc.

 Must move materials weighing up to 100 pounds to or from the yard, placing them on or removing them from trucks, pallets, etc.

 High School graduation or equivalent.

 Ability to work co-operatively in a team atmosphere.

This job was posted on Mar 11, 2013 and will be removed on Mar 22, 2013

All applications must be received before Mar 22, 2013

Cubbon Building Centre Ltd (Home Hardware)

Please Contact: Amica Sturdy


Address: 2281 2nd Ave.

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