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Recreation Programmer at Village of Teslin in Teslin

Posted on Aug 20, 2013 in Recreation & Tourism

Hourly Wage/Annual Salary


Hours per Week

Full-time (35-40 hours)



About this Job

The Recreation Programmer reports to the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the planning, delivery and administration of recreation programming for the community of Teslin. A key responsibility of the position is to determine the recreation, creative and sporting activities needs of the community. The successful candidate will be expected to work irregular hours in order to coordinate activities on weekends, general holidays and in the evenings. He or she will be highly organized, energetic and motivated in the area of recreation. Be a positive role model through a fun approach to active living.

The successful candidate will have a degree or diploma in recreation planning and delivery or in a related field and a minimum of one year related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience instructing various programs such as fitness, cultural, sports, and preschool will be an asset. Knowledge of the local and northern cultural and political environment is important to establish context for many activities.

This job was posted on Aug 20, 2013 and will be removed on Sep 03, 2013

All applications must be received before Sep 03, 2013

Village of Teslin

Please Contact: Frank Thomas


Phone: 867-390-2530


Address: Box 130 Teslin, Yukon Y0A 1B0

To apply for this Job

Email or fax 867-390-2104.