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Website Developer at Kellett Communications in Whitehorse

Posted on Aug 20, 2013 in Engineering, Technical & IT Services

Hourly Wage/Annual Salary

$50,000 to $60,000/yr

Hours per Week

Full-time (35-40 hours)



About this Job

Typically, the programmer will be responsible for:

• Working with the designer and other creative specialists to understand the design concept and advising on how it can be implemented technically within constraints;

• Sorting out operational logic and business rules that are necessary for the feature to be reproduced correctly according to the designer's specification;

• Writing efficient computer code or script to make the various features work, ensuring that sound, graphics, animations and timings work as intended and make good use of processing and data storage capacity;

• Creating and linking databases to the user interface so that information can be retrieved, stored and processed interactively;

• Running tests to identify bugs which need to be rectified;

• Solving the problems by re-writing the code or adding new code which works around the problem; and

• Researching and keeping abreast of emerging technologies in order to be able to deliver the most up-to-date solutions. This may mean learning new programming languages or technologies.

Desired Skills and Experience

• Must have experience on the Drupal platform

• Work with enterprise-level organizations an asset

About Kellett

We are a northern owned and operated company established in Yellowknife in 1998. Kellett is a member of T-CAAN (Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network) and employs Professional Members of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

We strive to provide clients with strategic marketing communications and advertising that combine consultation, research, writing, graphic design and execution. Our combined experience assures our clients of industry-leading marketing and design, focused on the North, operating in the North. As a small and dedicated team of 20 professionals, we ensure that our collaborative skill set is invested into every client project. This position is based out of our Whitehorse office.

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Kellett Communications

Please Contact: William Kellett


Phone: 867-669-9344


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